Get the new Prestashop 1.7 release of our plugin here: here

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The Hygglig Checkout gateway module is a plugin that extends PrestaShop. It allows you as a merchant to have only one payment integration, and your customers to pay with the payment method of their choice. Hygglig Checkout is at the moment only available in Sweden.

General information

When the order is passed to Hygglig, a credit record of the customer is made. The customer will then be presented with different payment methods, depending on how the check turns out. When the customer finalize the purchase, Hygglig creates an invoice in their system and sets the order in PrestaShop as ‘Betalning godkänd’. After you (as the merchant) complete the order in PrestaShop, you need to approve/send the invoice in Hygglig system as well. You can choose to do that either by logging in to Hygglig Merchant web, or by stating that the order is to be automatically approved/sent in Hygglig when a status of your choice is set in the Common Settings for the Hygglig Checkout module in PrestaShop.


To install Hygglig Checkout module for PrestaShop you need to download the latest zip from Hygglig website, unzip it and manualy upload the module via FTP to your PrestaShop installation.

  1. Download the latest release of the Hygglig Checkout module for PrestaShop.
  2. Unpack the zip file and rename the module folder ”hyggligofficial”.
  3. Navigate via your FTP client to the ”modules” folder and upload the folder ”hyggligofficial” there.
  4. Go to PrestaShop Moduler Moduler och Tjänster Hygglig, and click Installera.


You install a new version of the module just like you would a new module – just overwrite the existing module folder with the new version folder (after first making a copy of the old folder to your local computer). Don’t worry, the keys and configurations you’ve entered in PrestaShop Moduler Moduler och Tjänster Hygglig, will still be there with the new version installed.


Before you start you should contact Hygglig who will send you login for Hygglig merchant web (Hygglig Handlarwebb) and the Merchant ID and Secret Key needed for Hygglig Checkout module.

The quick start instruction: Set everything to JA and enter the keys for EID and secret. Done.

The more detailed instruction:

  1. Navigate to PrestaShop Moduler Moduler och Tjänster Hygglig. Klicka Konfigurera.
  2. To enable Hygglig Checkout (let Hygglig take over the checkout flow) you need to activate Hygglig both in General settings tab and i Sweden tab. Set Activate Hygglig in this shop and Activate Hygglig for Sweden to JA.
  3. On Hygglig Sweden tab, enter EID and Shared secret received from Hygglig.
  4. If you want to use other payment methods for certain customers, you can add a link to the standard checkout from the Hygglig checkout, and vice versa. On Hygglig Sweden tab, set Show link to standard checkout and Show link to Hygglig in standard checkout to JA.
  5. Orders can be activated/canceled automaticaly in Hygglig Handlarwebb by changing status on the order in PrestaShop. On Hygglig Common settings tab, you can set which status in PrestaShop will trigger activation and cancelation in Hygglig Handlarwebb. We suggest Skickad for activation and Makulerad for cancelation.
  6. If Show Payment Widget is set to JA, an image of Hygglig payment methods will be shown on article pages.
  7. Test must be set to JA while testing is done. When you later receive EDI and secret for Hygglig production environment, Test must be changed to NEJ.
  8. That’s it, Hygglig Checkout settings is done and you can start making test purchases.

Using the CSS file

Hygglig Checkout module for PrestaShop comes with a css-file, hyggligcheckout.css, where you can add Hygglig Checkout iframe specific css if needed. By default Hygglig Checkout iframe is rendered with no borders, no margins, no padding, transparent background and a maximum width of 1170px.

In the example below we wanted the Hygglig Checkout iframe to have a border around it, make sure it hade white background regardless of theme, be centered in the parent div and have a width of 620 pixels on desktop.

#hyggligiframe {
  border: 1px solid #eee;
  border-radius: 4px;
  background-color: #ffffff;
  /* some padding */
  padding: 20px; 
  /* max-width to be responsive */
  max-width: 620px; 
  /* center Hygglig */
  margin: 0 auto; 

Test the installation

Send a mail to and you will receive a reply containing keys and login information for the test environment.

Going live

When the installation is tested and you are ready to go live you need to contact Hygglig support. Hygglig will then verify the integration and send you the keys for the production environment.