Hygglig Checkout Integration

Welcome. This web is for helping developers to integrate Hygglig Checkout in a webshop, when the integration is to be built from scratch. If a merchant is using any of the e-platforms that we have built modules for, this integration is essentially already done. Then you just need to follow the instructions for each module to integrate Hygglig Checkout. Links to each module page can be found on in the main menu under “Moduler”.

Prepare your site

In order to complete the Hygglig integration process as smoothly as possible, we recommend that you start by setting up the following.

Checkout page and confirmation page

Both the checkout page and the checkout confirmation page are hosted by you. Both these pages must include a div that you will populate with the Hygglig iFrame. You will learn what the Hygglig iFrame is in our first tutorial.
Note that the Hygglig iframe snippet should be placed somewhere without defined height – the height of the Hygglig iframe will be resized to use the height necessary. Hygglig is also responsive and will use the full width available in the container div. By default the Hygglig iframe will have no margins. You can learn more about how to style the Hygglig iframe using CSS in our CSS example page.

Tip! Place the Hygglig iFrame so that your customers can see it instantly after loading the checkout page without scrolling. This will provide clear calls to action to improve your conversion rates.

Push notification URL

As you will learn in the Results tutorial, Hygglig needs a URL to inform you of the order status. On this address we will send you a POST-message with all the data you’ll need to complete the order in your system.

Terms and Conditions URL

We will provide the consumer with a link to your terms and conditions in certain phases of the order. In order to do this, we will need a page that contains your store’s terms and conditions. Please create a terms and conditions URL, to which we can provide a link.

What’s next?

Take our first tutorial. Go to Embed. If you run in to any problems please contact Hygglig at support@hygglig.com