Merchant want to fetch order information from Hygglig.


Name Type Description
mid string Merchant’s key
ordernr string This is Order number which Hygglig checkout return back at the time of order registration.
mac string A mac or checksum generated from input parameters using merchant’s private key.


Name Description
Checkout Order Order information in form of requested content-Type i.e xml, text or json object.
Success True if no error, false if there is error.
Error In case of an error this field contains the error description.

Get checkout order information example code

$url  = '';
$url .= $merchantKey . '&ordernr=' . $orderNr . '&mac=';
$url .= sha1($orderNr . $secret);
//Store result
$result = json_decode(file_get_contents($url),true);

Response from example code

//Result example
array(3) {
   array(19) {
      ["CheckoutOrderId"]=> string(36) "fb9dcbee-e505-485f-b5b2-c5b3814739a2"
      ["CheckoutOrderNr"]=> int(1100012345)
      ["MerchantId"]=> string(36) "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000"
      ["Currency"]=> string(3) "SEK"
      ["MerchantOrderReference"]=> string(4) "1234"
      ["MerchantOrderDate"]=> string(22) "2015-12-11T09:55:36.19"
      ["CreatedTimestamp"]=> string(23) "2015-12-11T09:55:43.983"
      ["Timeout"]=> NULL
      ["AutoActivate"]=> bool(false)
      ["BuyerIP"]=> bool(false)
      ["MerchantIp"]=> NULL
      ["CheckoutOrderArticles"]=> array(2) {
         [0]=> array(11) {
               ["CheckoutOrderArticleId"]=> string(36) "99283005-44a6-4763-9b07-6bbd4bc1d524"
               ["CheckoutOrderId"]=> string(36) "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000"
               ["ArticleName"]=> string(21) "T5 Magic Red Aluminum"
               ["ArticleNumber"]=> int(8)
               ["Description"]=> string(149) "Amazing Jojo in Red Aluminum"
               ["Price"]=> float(11.16)
               ["Quantity"]=> float(1)
               ["VatValue"]=> float(0.25)
               ["CreatedTimestamp"]=> string(23) "2015-12-11T09:55:43.983"
               ["CancelledTimestamp"]=> NULL
               ["TotalPrice"]=> float(13.95)
         [1]=> array(11) {
               ["CheckoutOrderArticleId"]=> string(36) "544c49d9-24b8-475b-9212-a9b9597844d9"
               ["CheckoutOrderId"]=> string(36) "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000"
               ["ArticleName"]=> string(8) "SHIPPING"
               ["ArticleNumber"]=> int(999)
               ["Description"]=> string(22) "International Delivery"
               ["Price"]=> float(100)
               ["Quantity"]=> float(1)
               ["VatValue"]=> float(0.25)
               ["CreatedTimestamp"]=> string(23) "2015-12-11T09:55:43.983"
               ["CancelledTimestamp"]=> NULL
               ["TotalPrice"]=> float(125)
         ["Customer"]=> array(13) {
            ["PersonalInfoId"]=> string(36) "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000"
            ["FirstName"]=> string(10) "Marginalen"
            ["LastName"]=> string(6) "Credit"
            ["Address"]=> string(17) "Valhallavägen 66"
            ["PostalCode"]=> string(5) "10000"
            ["City"]=> string(9) "Stockholm"
            ["Country"]=> NULL
            ["MobileNumber"]=> string(12) "+46700102030"
            ["PhoneNumber"]=> NULL
            ["Email"]=> string(22) ""
            ["CreatedTimestamp"]=> string(19) "0001-01-01T00:00:00"
            ["CustomerEmailURLRequest"]=> NULL
            ["CustomerEmailURLRequestTimestamp"]=> NULL
         ["Letters"]=> array(0) {
         ["TotalActivatePrice"]=> float(138.95)
         ["TotalPrice"]=> float(138.95)
         ["TotalPriceWithoutVAT"]=> float(111.16)
         ["TotalActivePriceWithoutVAT"]=> float(111.16)
         ["Checksum"]=> NULL
      ["Success"]=> bool(true)
      ["Error"]=> NULL