When your customer has completed the purchase using Hygglig Checkout. Our system will send you a POST-message with all the information you’ll need to complete the order in your system.

//Recieve POST-message
$dataFromHygglig = array(
   'firstName'  =>  $_POST['firstName'],
   'lastName'   =>  $_POST['lastName'],
   'address'    =>  $_POST['address'],
   'city'       =>  $_POST['city'],
   'postcode'   =>  $_POST['postalCode'],
   'email'      =>  $_POST['email'],
   'phone'      =>  $_POST['phoneNumber'],
   'orderId'    =>  $_POST['orderReference'],
   'token'      =>  $_POST['token'],
   'hyggligId'  =>  $_POST['orderNumber'],	

What’s next?

You have integrated Hygglig into your checkout page successfully.
The next step is to to test the solution and then go live.