A consumer has proceeded to the checkout and you want to display Hygglig to the consumer.


  • When using Hygglig’s APIs you must have the merchant ID and the secret which you received when you applied for API credentials.
  • You have prepared your site for Hygglig Checkout.

Create the GetIFrame again

To get the result The example code is populated with example data for a test order.

//GetIFrame$postData = array(
'MerchantKey' => $key,
'Checksum' => $getiframeCheckSum,
'Token' => $token

Render the result

Echo out the HtmlText to display the result message

//Validate response and then display HTML
$text = $response["HtmlText"];
echo $text;

Use our demo shop to get an idea of how it can look

Go ahead – add a product and go to checkout -> complete test purchase using test information and check out how it could look on your site.